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Surges Part 2??? 😇😇😇

oh really now ? im tryna write a long sex scene right now tho , itll have to wait if yall really want this one . :)

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Lmfaooo, was Surges meant to be a revenge type one shot?

who knows babe i write aimlessly , lol :)

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Abel cocked his head, almost cackling bitterly to himself. “But where were you when I needed you, eight months ago?” He questioned, his voice venomous as he gave her a menacing stare. “You’re just back now because I’ve made something of myself and now that I got it, that I finally got it,…

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i just cried from laughing so hard from that short. omg that was amazing.

Thank you! I appreciate this

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😦that escalated quickly...

I know haha

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Wow surges was crazy I love it

Thank you!!

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Drake took my hand in his. “You know I love you right? It’s been too long since we last spoke..” He trailed off and stared me square in the eyes. 

"We can mend that.." I said with a gentle smirk on my face, my left eyebrow arching. "It doesn’t have to be like this. It never did. I still regret how badly it ended, but you were out acting like you didn’t care, so I did the same."

"No matter what we do, we keep coming back. We need to just get serious." Drake licked his lips, pulling his hand away and taking a sip of his white wine. "I know you’d do anything for the boy. Just do this one thing, commit for the boy? Sure it ain’t much to ask from the boy, huh?"

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TD needs to understand that Drake wants Rihanna. They can hate on her as much as they want but it won't stop him.

Yeah, I don’t hate. It’s too childish now, they’re cute.

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I thought you were going to post 7 one shots? Are you still planning on doing that?

Yes. I’m sorry, I’m overwhelmed with school. My writing has been so off

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anyways writing aubrih hate on it

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