Anonymous inquired:

I need that Drizzy x Yonce

Its up now

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021614 - Partitions & Promises 2 // Drake Oneshots.


"Baby, come and see me. Blue and Jay went to see my mom.. I told him I didn’t feel good but really I just wanted to see you.." She breathed into the receiver, increasing the sexual tension between us. "Please just come and see me."

"What about what you said before? ‘Jay is my last and only love.’" I mocked her, then I heard her moan softly in return,

"He doesn’t mean shit to me. Baby, I want you."

I looked in the hallway for any signs of Jhene, and held my phone to my close to my ear, talking lowly to her, trying hard to ignore the fact that I was gradually getting hard.

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Anonymous inquired:

Drake & Beyonce please & thanks!

Alright, will be posting soon trying to proofread and see if its ending on a good note. xo

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Anonymous inquired:

I've missed you. Beyonce & Drake pretty please?

I gotcha I gotcha. 

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Anonymous inquired:

I want the beyonce and drake, please :)

gotchu yay

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cassievi inquired:

part 2 for bey and drake?


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Anonymous inquired:

Can you do a Drake and Abel oneshot?

Sounds interesting but..

Who would read that? 

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Anonymous inquired:

Aubrih oneshot?


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If you want me to post part 2 of the Beyonce / Drake oneshot, request it in my inbox. If I get more than 5 it’ll be posted sometime today.

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lizziewuvsu inquired:

will Omniscient ever have another part?

Probably, just gotta get all these requests in. I wanna have 7 posted in one day tbh

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